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Woo, Google Maps is up to date with satellite photos of the UK now, you can zoom right in... this update has caused a slight problem with my own interactive map, something's stopping it initialising properly, but once the map's redrawn (just pick a new area / feature that you are looking for in a pub) and it's all cushty... maybe it'll all be working by the time you read this, I'm going back to the discussion group to find out how to fix it...

Any exciting news from our commute in today? Um, no. The other day a lady stormed out of the carriage saying "I can't tolerate this!", not sure what it was about though, possibly the guy next to her tapping away on his laptop.

Big news from Folkestone for the day is that we now have recycling collections! Don't think we will actually do any more recycling, as we take all ours to the recycling point at Safeway anyway, but now it means we don't need to carry our weekly ration of 48 empty Becks bottles quite so far... It does mean the council will only be emptying the regular bins every two weeks instead of every week, so I hope everyone else in the building plays along...

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Wed Jun 29 2005

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