Folkestone Beer festival can take card payments!

FG ≫ 2015 ≫ Folkestone Beer festival can take card payments!

One of the hiccups of the Harbour Arm opening weekend, for me anyway, was the lack of being able to pay by card! First world problem I know. That is resolved already at Follies, where we first came across it, and generally seems to be being rolled out. Folkestone Beer Festival, which has just moved to the harbour arm can also take payments! And they're offering free beer! To CAMRA members! But not me! You have to get down there before 5pm tomorrow to claim your free half, and I'll be working until five. Oh yeah and I'm still not drinking, this must be day 10 now. Going to stop tomorrow by the looks of it, whether I get to the beer festival or not...

To clear up other confusion, while the Harbour Arm generally doesn't open until 5pm, the beer festival is on from 1pm. The other pop up food establishments, Dr Legumes, Follies, etc will be starting at teatime, but the beer will be flowing from lunchtime.

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