Fuzzy Artist Matching

Fuzzy Artist Matching

Nice, got my Barfly public facing artist page working now, so that a URL like foo.bar/who/is/the+darkness will work, no matter who the band is who, and a certain amount of fuzzy pattern matching will work too, like foo.bar/who/is/darkness, foo.bar/who/is/darkness,+the etc... this is a GOOD THING!

Still got to generate some content like this:

_10th Oct - 10th Nov Listings

View October's listings, read about November's 48 confirmed shows and see if there's any more than 22 shows booked in December, or you may want to browse the calendar pages..._

Speaking of The Darkness, tonight they're in Folkestone and we STILL don't have tickets for Dom, who's birthday it is today... got the support band's manager checking to see if he can get a freebie, it's not looking hopeful though...

Another tube derailment messes up my journey to and from work from today...

Hey this is post number 404, but not an error 404...

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💬 The Darkness

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Mon Oct 20 2003

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