Blog2007 ≫ Short weekend

Where did that go then? I'm sure I was only at work an hour or so ago and now it's time to go back again... Tired today, had quite an action packed weekend that just went too fast. Started off with work drinks in Trashford, a couple in the Phoenix (Smith and Jones), then a pretty good curry in Zarin1. Oddly early time to be eating curry, we were in there before 7 (we got out of work early) but it was a good call for everyone to be able to eat together. Zarin looks modern in its decor and its menu, but all the food I saw on the tables was quite traditional. Next stop on to Bar Three Zero whichwas OK for a bar, then by about ten I thought I should go home, so I did. Whatever Clare says I was not drunk when I got in and did not fall asleep on the sofa and snore.

Saturday, shopping, we helped the inlaws choose a new telly and we bought a fantastic new camera2, it's small and fast and light and has some groovy gadgets that we can't quite get to work like magic smile detection3, and some groovy gadgets that we can work like a massive touch screen on the back. It really is nice.

Saturday afternoon we went to a bonfire and firework party with Clare's family on a farm, kind of near to Ashford again, then back to Chambers for a drink.

Yesterday we did something different, we went to a lecture by David Starkey on the last hundred years of the royal family. It turns out he's local, he must live in Hythe or Saltwood, so the bro-in-law probably did not imagine seeing him at Sandling station that time. The talk was like a preview of the new TV series24, though he was more sarcastic and amusing in the flesh. Got another one of these talks later in the week, Monty Python's own Terry Jones. Both of these talks are at the new "Folkestone Academy", a new school. It's quite a swanky design, but the inside of it does look a bit prison like, with metal walkways spanning the interior. All that's missing are the big nets stretched across to stop Mr Big who's in with the screws chucking you from the top.

Going out late afternoon and back home again by evening made a nice change, it messed up our chili timing though, we had our big meal at lunchtime and and just a small tea.

Tired now, looking forward to this weekend.

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