Blog2003 ≫ Broccoli

Have been recommended a recipe, apparently it is the path between tofu and brocolli1 from a friend who has rediscovered vegetables after giving up smoking and getting his tastebuds back. Not read it yet as farmfreshtoyou.com2 isn't responding here.

Also on the subject of tastebuds, I saw an ad at the weekend saying "if you drink a g&t before dinner, you might as well pour acid over your tastebuds", it wasn't an ad for acid, or a crap one for gin though, it was for sherry, so yesterday I bought some sherry to have as a little pre dinner snifter. And it was good. Also for my birthday I got an optic, so that is up in the kitchen with a bottle of gin attached, so we had g&t after dinner - not sure if that is done and proper or not, but we felt jolly sophisticated, we are right living it up while flatmate is in Edinburgh.

Just got a cheery email from the mate I was best man to saying his mum's has gone into the same hospice my uncle went a few weeks ago, and they don't expect her to be there long - if anyone suggests you go to Rowan's Hospice in Hampshire, don't go! It's like everyone who goes there dies! I want to send some flowers, but what sort could I send? And what kind of message? "Get well soon" would be a bit rubbish innit.

Broke my computer last night fitting a firewire card so I can get an IPOD (now the network card3 is loose) AND overslept today, so very late for work and no chance of working from home. Bumped into the boss on the tube, so BAD that I couldn't just sneak into the office, but GOOD that he was also late, so he could say nothing...

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