Blog2011 ≫ Did they not count my vote or what?

Referendum is looking like a no then :-(

We went and voted, they don't seem to have done exactly what we asked for though, not sure why. The Lib Dems do appear to have been properly punished though. Serves them right for siding with the Tories, that's not what anyone ever wanted. They won't do that again.

Had a nice day off other than that, just hanging out with the boy. We watered the plants and swept the patio, that's what we do. I bought him is own sized yard brush last weekend so we can sweep together, it's great.

Quite jealous of Dan's decking1, good work.

In other garden news, big mouse is back, I saw him yesterday running down the fence. The good news is there is nothing for him to eat in the garden now and nowhere to hide, so I hope he won't be back.

No sign of my shed yet, but I did also treat myself to a fat 16GB memory card for the new phone so I can get a lot more tunes on it. Also maybe treating myself to a a new frying pan2. Well new to me anyway. I would like some Le Creuset pans just to hang about the place (they're far to heavy to use), the Le Creuset stainless pans that we have are just great, but this will make a nice decoration. Maybe I'll take it in the garden and show it to big mouse.

Nice long weekend again, though not much time to relax. Clare is working all of it, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, so I will be at the park or the beach for the next three days. Sort of relaxing, but always having to keep an eye out for the boy is hard work.

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