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KISS bowling ball1

A KISS bowling ball indeed... it doesn't even come with finger holes in it! Get it here2, via kissonline.com3.

Very cold again today, but no snow here in London. How long's going to be down then? It's not as useful as I first thought it was, but I still liked it. Looks like their MySQL database is corrupt from here.

I implemented a new thing on my popex forums, so that updated threads move to the top of the board... seems to work well, but I expected it to liven things up a bit more. Not putting it on here, but I have on the family tree forum. That's not really busy enough to noticed a difference yet either.

Staying in London tonight, in on my own looks like, so getting a Chinese or some other food that Clare doesn't like, and playing computers. Getting on OK with eMule, though it's a bit slow, I've not sorted out my port forwarding and firewall bits, so I'm being hampered.

Hey I never noticed the subliminal arrow4 before.

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