Blog2007 ≫ Quiz fun

Broke with tradition yesteray at the [fg=Ship Inn]Ship Inn quiz[/fg], it was a slightly weakened turnout, so we three were split into two teams. That was me on my own, and Clare and her mum on another team. Neither team did that badly I thought, though if you look at it from a certain angle we came third and fourth out of four teams. I got some questions that they didn't, and they got some questions that I didn't, so possibly if we'd been united we'd have taken the prize by storm, but I suspect we'd actually have talked each other out of some of the questions we did get right.

Had a fairly productive day today, had an urge to clear out the cupboards and throw loads of crap away. Got as far as taking everything out of the cupboards, looking through it, going "ooh, that's interesting", and then putting it all back in again.

I did find some ancient posessions that I had forgotten about and thought were interesting. I'm off to investigate their value on ebay, and then may be back with photos. I think that's really why I was going through boxes of old stuff really, I'm thinking about work and money, and hoping against hope there is some way I can make a lot of money fast without earning it, by realising I own something hugely valuable and flogging it. See also yesterday's looking up of comic prices.

Got another couple of days work in London this week, and a quote in for another couple of days from home, and then more interviews and things lined up. No rest for the wicked.

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