Blog2006 ≫ Just five more minutes

Went for quick drinks to a popbitch1 party yesterday at The Player2, it's cool there, and the cocktails were free. Stayed up a bit too late at home also, so feeling like RUBBISH today. Early to bed tonight.

My ajax scripts have been running across all pages and slowing things down, so I need to look at that... Trying to make the editing functions on here all ajax like, in the way that and digg.com3 have done. Needs more work.

Hmm everyone seems to be on about Tapes'n'Tapes4 at the moment, the impression I got from yesterday's Guardian piece on South By South West5 was that they were a made up band though. Off to check them out! Not actually to Texas, just to their website4 to get me some MP3s...

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