Blog2005 ≫ Weekend review

I did a massive amount of driving at the weekend, borrowed a car and went to Bluewater. We hit some insane rain on the M20 and had to pull over until we could see again. It feels like the sort of place I ought to go "oh no, we had to go to Bluewater" but I love it there. Even though it's the school holidays now, and obviously it was a Saturday, it didn't seem overly busy.

I like going to Bluewater when I've got money in my pocket, and nothing in particular to buy. Only problem this time was I had presents to buy for people, and no money in my pocket, I'd forgotten my bank card... Clare to the rescue! Having to ask her to buy things for me saved a few quid I think, as we looked at some furniture and some flipping big televisions...

We had Pizza Express and fruit smoothies instead of wines and beers as normal, might have to rethink this driving lark. The only thing that's missing there really is booze, there are no off licenses, I wonder if that's deliberate? We did some a chap in a hooded top, which I thought had been outlawed in the area, but he didn't try to mug us. There is a novelty liquer seller, but I was after something specific. Still had the car the next day and did our groceries at Waitrose, and managed to get everything in there.

Might go again next weekend and even buy something! We'll see.

Went to a nice new restaurant in the evening, Casa de Tapas in Sandgate, a treat from Clare's brother and his girlfriend for our birthdays. Drank too much Cava, oops. Then for last orders at the Sandgate Hotel. Both were fab and I'm looking forward to returning.

Shopped and cleaned and generally got things out of the way on Sunday, the flat is clean and we are feeling on top of things.

Commute in today was pretty smooth, I fell into a deep sleep, thought I was still in bed and didn't want to wake again. I hope I didn't shout out. The second day of walking between Cannon Street and work went well too, it's a nice little walk.

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