Blog2010 ≫ The boy up and wailing at five am today

Up late getting some TV time in...

Oh dear, feeling groggy today. Nothing up with him, he just wanted company I think. I got up first and picked him up, he tried to sleep in my arms but as soon as he sensed he was being put down again he started bellowing. I had to leave him, then Clare got up and went throught he same routine. He's absolutely fine this morning.

Was not a particularly early night, as now we have Sky I feel I have to watch as much TV as possible to get my money's worth. Clare got an episode of Crystal Maze in, not sure how many of those I can manage but it is a fair trade for the crap DIY shows I like to watch. Tommy Walsh's "do your house for free" or something was a bit ropey. Much like the "make a gourmet feast out of thrown away food" that we watched recently, Tommy Walsh and his cohorts get building materials for free in a way that is just not accessible to members of the public. It's not finding useful stuff in skips, which I would like, it's getting freebies from corporations in exchange for a free plug on TV. I feel conned. Then a couple of episodes of Beetle Crisis1 which was good, took me back to my VW days.

Very busy this week, working with some experienced rails developers2 who are geeing us along. Going fully "agile" now, using SCRUM, with its weekly sprints and stand up meetings. I feel almost like a real professional. Went to London to work with these guys2 and will be doing so every week until christmas at least.

Nice weekend planned with Kez and Dez visiting. Figuring out how I can put them to work...

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