Blog2018 ≫ Demo went well

Yesterday's big long afternoon demo went quite well. It is a bit long and takes a significant chunk of my week really, and I mostly don't need to be there. However it is interesting to see what other people are doing. I did have a surprise "now Paul will demo this" sprung on me, and I could not as one of our internal systems was down for planned maintenance. It was only the "old school web design" that I have been complaining about, and the feedback I got was great - "why are you doing this? Stop doing that and go back to what you were doing before", I did already raise it was not something we should be doing,so VINDICATED!

Best thing to come out of the demo was the board's suprise that a customer had left some feedback consisting only of an emoji, how did they perform this magic??? I was able to point everyone to the keyboard shortcut (ctrl-cmd-space as we all use Apple Macs) so now expect to see 💩 lovely emojis in all our work correspondence.

Up at 6am for a run today, the last of the twenty-eight minute runs, I ran just past Waitrose to the bridge again, and back, but this time via Lady's Walk and then the seafront. Saturday morning should be my first thirty minute run, which is the target I have been aiming for. Another two minutes will be absolutely no problem, though I will be running unfamiliar ground and on more hills as I'll be in Portchester that morning.

Amazing the difference from the beginning of Couch To 5K, when I was thinking "Running for a whole minute? With no breaks???"...

Working from home today, waiting for Grandpa to come and collect the boys. They are watching Brucey's The Price Is Right in the other room...

5k: Five km, about three miles to you.

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