Blog2005 ≫ Blee, spew, etc

Had a wild boozing session for one of the brothers-in-law's birthday yesterday (have I pluralised that right?), and am feeling crap today. We didn't make it as far as the pub, but stayed at our flat, no doubt upsetting the neighbours, drinking many bottles of wine, playing pool and darts, and listening to music courtesy of iTunes party shuffle - I've finally connected up a proper stereo to the computer. I don't remember leaving here, but at some point we moved round to Dean's house, as he had more booze.

Been sitting quietly most of the day, done some computing, a bit of work on my creative directory1, it's going to be a social / business networking type thing. I think. Got more done on it today with my alcohol fuddled brain than I've managed to do "straight" in a while.

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