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Stone me - that's a nice big sofa - now you can Advertise Things! you see, I reckon it's big enough to be handy as proper banner advertisement sofa for lifestyle apartment blocks - you know the type - you see the big adverts outside new luxury apartments going up with straplines like 'stylish inner city living' and 'contemporary penthouses for Salford Quay lifestyle'

So, if it was me I'd pose on it and take photos and add captions - you need some of those frighteningly tall fragile wineglasses that are a foot tall and make guests tremble with fear. 'work hard and relax in Central Folkestone'

If you want to advertise the sofa by itself, And also when having a posh new sofa, I think it is important, indeed vital to not sit on it all that much, but to sit on the floor next to it (with a colour suppliment spread on the floor) , or stand behind it (with an astonishingly dangerous looking wine glass).

💬 A big wine glass

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