Blog2004 ≫ IPOD vs Cassette

Time for an injection of STUFF, been neglecting the blog slightly recently. I thought that when I got the pocket pc and wireless network I'd be doing more internetting while sat in front of the TV and so on, but mostly we're using it for playing Jawbreaker.

In the process of updating everywhere that has an office address on it. Apparently I can't get any mail that's addressed to PopEx automatically forwarded to the new address (3rd Floor, 59-61 Farringdon Road, Farringdon EC1M 3JB) as they need a utility bill at the old address in that name. Doh! So got to update details with everyone who might be sending me anything important, ie a cheque.

Last night's drinks at The Pembroke were great, even if they were for a slightly sad occasion, a leaving do for some friends who worked here. Many pints of Adnam's Broadside, one I've always avoided before for some reason, but it's great! Saw Chris Evans, Johnny Vegas (for the third time this week) and Sharleen Spiteri there, I am certainly going to miss my celeb spotting when we leave Primrose Hill.

Leaving Clare to watch the Olympics all weekend and heading off to Fareham, got a birthday present to deliver to a nephew, and a bit of hanging out away from London.

Links for the day: IPOD vs Cassette1 and this is not me, I swear2...

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