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Just finished Underground London1, and enjoyed it very much... Haven't reported in what I've been reading since I griped about The Moonstone I don't think, I really dragged through that one but enjoyed it by the end. Hmm, I'm a great reviewer of books. Underground London1 is a Louis Theroux style stalk through the lives of people who work or play underground in London. Not sure why I got this book, as I remember it looked at my Amazon basket one day and there it was, maybe I was drunk. It covers all of London history from Roman times to the current cross rail project and adventures with the Subterranea Brittanica lot, and it is a jolly interesting non-fiction read. Before that I think I read a Cadfael book, One Corpse Too Many1, which took a while to get into, but once I'd got into his style I enjoyed too. It's not overly twisty and turny or gripping, there are huge blaring signs saying "this is what's going to happen next", it's a Sunday Evening TV kind of a book, but not bad. It was a car boot sale bargain, and I might look out for more. Also from the same boot fair I got Bill Bryson Down Under1, looks good but I have to wait for Clare to finish it. Next in line for me is Dublin1, which I'm a bit intimdated by. I enjoyed London1 by the same author, but I know more about the history of London. It's a big slab of a book and if it follows the same formula it will be a dramatised history of the city, following a family from Roman times up to the present day.

That's the only good thing about our daily commute, catching up with reading. Today's journey in was rubbish, had some idiot couple sat on our table chattering all the way in. If it was you, please don't sit near me again. Really, some time soon, I will make some "quiet carriage" signs.

Off to Oxford this weekend, so checking out oxfordtube.com2, supposedly a luxury coach service between London and Oxford. A lot cheaper than the train will be at rush hour I'd think, and though it takes a bit longer it's not a problem as we're leaving early and have plenty of time.

Full On Food is back on TV tonight, SMART. They seem to have changed the presenters since the first series, hope it's as good.

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