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After the fabulous treat of yesterday evening (sausage, beans and fried potatoes for tea AND two episodes of Lovejoy), this morning's long wait outside the office was probably due. No keyholder turned up for over an hour, so I couldn't get into the building. A right stroppy delivery driver did turn up though, with some huge bails of insulation, that I signed for. Now, maybe it's the remnants of gentle TV crime drama addling my brain, but I started thinking, what if no-one ordered these bails of insulation? There was no name on the order, just the building address, and they were quite big, 1.2m by 0.6m by 0.6m (4ft x 2ft x 2ft Dad), and there were five of them... What if there were burglars hiding inside them? Once we'd lugged them into the building, they'd bide their time and then pop out to do the place over!

Only a few points make this unlikely, these bails would be pretty itchy to hide inside, and also the burglars would have to be pretty light. I was wondering, what if you had bubble wrap that was filled with helium instead of just air? How much would you need to balance out the weight of a man?

The grumpy delivery driver got a parking ticket (no deliveries allowed here before 10am), so again that's karmic balance in action I think.

Looking forward to the weekend, my brain needs the lie in I think.

Off to play some more with script.aculo.us1, I'm trying out some "drag and drop" type stuff for a site. Don't know what put me off using script.aculo.us1 until now, I'm sure the code is quite bloaty, and as a proper programmer myself I feel that I should be writing all the bits I need and not including anything I don't need, but this is fun to play with.

Also, haven't looked at Google Earth for ages, so downloading a new version of that, and fixing up my own maps, they've been a bit wonky for quite a while now.

Hmm, forgot the hosting centre were upgrading things today so sorry this page was unavailable for a few hours! I will stack up all of today's "thoughts" into one post and slap it up when I can.

Can we go to Las Vegas again? Why couldn't it have been this Rock Honours show that we won a trip to..?

VH1 announced Thursday that it will debut the "VH1 Rock Honors" next month to pay homage to the gods of hard rock. The inaugural honorees are KISS, Queen, Def Leppard and Judas Priest.

The ceremony, to take place May 25 in Las Vegas, will pay tribute to hard-rock legends much like the Rock Hall of Fame does, with "spoken tributes, filmed packages and performances by some of today's hottest rock acts as well as the legends themselves."

Tonight, a restful night of more food, vino collapso, and TV crime drama. PLUS, The West Wing, tonight we find out who it was tipped the press off about the military shuttle, my money's on Toby.

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