Blog2006 ≫ Summer's here!

Make the most of it, it'll be gone again tomorrow... how can I get out of the office and enjoy some of it? I thought I'd made it when I got into work today and my computer is bust (I think THE MAN did it while monitoring me, a story for another day), this is a prime "work from home" opportunity. But no, there was a spare computer, well nearly, a spare Mac. It's the first time I've had a proper sit down go for more than half hour or so on OSX, and it's alright. I still think I will get another PC next, but these beasties are not bad at all. It's nice to really see for the first time for myself that it's all UNIX under the hood, this makes it more of a "real" computer than a PC to me.

Aargh, I'm undecided, what should I get?

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