Blog2010 ≫ The boy's woken in the night EVERY DAY this week

in other news I am bootstrapping myself in cucumber...

So feeling a bit tired and grumpy! I think it's his teeth, he keeps hanging on to his back teeth and wimpering occasionally. Clare also has wisdom teeth ache at the moment though and the boy is copying EVERYTHING so it could be just that.

Work is good right now, was told last Friday of some work I did was "the most awesome development I've seen us release in the last 2 years", hell yeah. That's my old school PHP though. Yesterday was told by a consultant who came in that my rails work did not look like it had been done by some monkeys randomly banging keyboards, which is probably nearly as high a compliment. Same consultant forcefed us buzzwords including how he'd been bootstrapped in cucumber that morning. At our expense! This sounds interesting though so today I am bootstrapping myself in cucumber.

Cucumber1 is a tool for testing the application I am writing.

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