Blog2008 ≫ Twitter

Just revisited twitter.com1 for the first time since I don't know when, as I noticed it was one of my jabber instant messenger buddies. I must have set this up when it first launched, but I don't think it worked right away. I just sent a message to my "buddy", and it replied:

Reply with what you're doing. 'invite' to invite a friend. 'follow' to receive updates. 'track' to track interests. 'whois' for info. 'off' to silence.

"tracking" of topics sounds like a good thing, I'm tracking Folkestone, any time anyone mentions the word it'll send me a message in my instant messenger window.

Don't be offended if you're not on my buddy list, I'm not really into it, I don't use MSN2 or AOL3 or anything, but we do use it internally at work so I do use Jabber4.

So was it just a new Mac Pro that was being announced at CES today by Apple5?

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