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Been working on this for ages, it's just gone live today, SMART! It's a whole new look, courtesy of our army of designers and builders, but I've contributed most of the dynamic stuff, sometimes adapting things people here did before me and partly writing new stuff, javascript up front and php round the back. I'm sick of the sight of it now, but hurray, it's live at last!

About time for the next phase redesign...

js: Programming language of the web, mostly how I earn a wage.

php: Old programming language of the internets, how I used to earn a wage.

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Wed Oct 17 2007

Paul Clarke's blog - I live in Hythe, Kent. Wed to Clare + dad to 2, I'm a full-stack web developr, and I do mostly js / Node, some ruby, other languages etc. I like pubbing, running, eating, home automation + other diy stuff, history, tree stuff, Television, squirrels, pirates, lego, + time travel.