Blog2005 ≫ A chilled and chilly weekend

Went to Canterbury yesterday, christmas shopping, as we couldn't quite face the crowds at Bluewater. Did quite a bit surprisingly, and had a splendid luncheon in Nandos. Saw massive haired rock leg end Brian May in Dixons, he was buying a printer I think. He didn't want a picture taken with me, was I looking that bad? Feeling bad for asking now but it seemed like a good idea. Maybe I will photoshop up a picture of me with him, paste it up here, and delete all this sad rambling. One for the to do list, along with today's shopping, cleaning, fixing Deano's computer syncing up the IPODs and IPAQ for the week's viewing and listening, and sorting out some paperwork for new bank accounts and share transfers.

Sorry there has been so much techie crap on here recently, but I'm still working on some new code, and I like to use this page as a test bed. Is the page looking alright to everyone?

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