Blog2007 ≫ Ouch!

Bit my lip this morning eating my breakfast in a hurry, drew blood and everything, and also the work I did at the weekend fixing my xml namespaces in jquery doesn't work now I've transferred it to work...

Great weekend though, did our usual lunch at Wagamama and afternoon drinks in The Dolphin, then had a reasonably quiet night in watching Children of Men and Hot Fuzz and drinking our new favouite tipple Prosecco and eating goodies we'd bought in town.

Saw two weddings in Canterbury, one was having their reception in The Goods Shed, so while we were doing our shopping on the ground floor there were speeches and things going on on the mezzanine level just above us, all very public. Then there was another reception at The Dolpin, which the bride was delivered to by VW split-screen van, very nice.

Spent most of sunday clearing Clare's stuff out of the inlaws loft, as they're moving soon. Threw out a whole of crap but couldn't resist bringing some of the books and keepsakes home, more than we'd intended.

Enjoying what I'm doing at work right now but this week feels like it's going to be a long one, looking forward to Dean's birthday celebrations at the weekend.

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