Blog2011 ≫ London double dinner

Out for lunch and out with friends in London too...

Good day in London yesterday, working at New Bamboo's offices in Exmouth Market again, and had lunch out for a change. Went back to The Easton and they made me a delicious linguine with sun dried tomatoes and capers and masses of garlic. Also had the cloudiest pint of beer I've ever had I think, tasted ok though. After work I headed off to meet some old Fortune City friends in The Hemingford Arms. Walked up from Exmouth Market to teh Hemingford, not a route I thought I'd done before but it did start coming back to me as I walked past a few places I recognised. Think I must have walked their when I was visiting someone at EMAP one time, who used to be based right opposite where New Bamboo are now. Nice walk anyway. Got to the pub before anyone else, nice just sitting on my own for a while, read a bit more of Heartstone, though the light in that pub is bad...

Lovely to see the Fortune City friends after so long, been four years since I met up with so many of them and TWELVE years since we worked together there. The Hemingford still does Thai food so I had green curry for tea. Double eating out, what a treat.

Had to run to get my train home, and am still a bit out of breath now really a day later1.

Going out straight after work today too, this is a lot like my life when I lived in London... two work friends birthdays so we're going to The Famous Ship Inn. At least I can walk home from this one, no running required and I don't have to leave particularly early. I even have the day off tomorrow, though I still have to be up early to take Clare in to work so I can keep the car.

Spending today doing internet explorer fixes on trip app, not fun at all.

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