Blog2009 ≫ Another lovely weekend

Not much to report, although it's been a week. So don't click!

A whole week without updates, that's how busy I've been at work and that. Off to Mum and Dad's again for the weekend, good run there, slightly less so back, just traffic at the normal spots though. No Ricky Gervais this week, no comedy at all, though we did think about going to see Stewart Lee in Portsmouth on Saturday night. Settled instead for a great night in the Lord Arthur Lee in Fareham with a handful of friends, brilliant.

Lunch today for my Nan's birthday, again brilliant, shame we have to rush these things.

The boy is still a bit fractious, he's been a bit off all week, just tired now though I think. He's had his bath, Clare is just doing the bedtime feed and then we're settling down for the evening. Might watch Star Trek1 tonight, as there's nothing on TV. Have not done our shopping this weekend, so have no ordinary vino collapso to drink! Got two small french hypermarket type beers and then we're going to have to open one of our good bottles of wine if we want a drink! Ah well, that's what it's there for...

Hmm, what is Windows Presentation Foundation2 then? Have I got a virus? Firefox just blocked it...

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