Blog2005 ≫ Let it snow let it snow let it snow

GREAT weekend, which I will come back to as it's time to do some work. Bit cold, but very nice to see Clare's bro who was visiting from the Americas. He and his wife and their little dog live and work in Miami, and don't get to visit that often so we had an extra long weekend to hang out with him.

Much nice eating and drinking over the weekend with family and friends, we had a curry last night in The New Delhi, not bad, not all that hot, but we were a table of 12. They want some plate warmers1, that's what they want. We also squeezed in drinks in Gate 28 and Chambers. Picked up a new copy of The Quarter2, which reminded me that I forgot to submit a bar revue this month... it seems to have got a bit worse without my involvement so I will have to get back there, give it more of the common touch and less of everything else. This month they have a page explaining how almost no-one entered their quiz, and then a two page review of the quiz from people who did bother to enter it. Someone, please, submit them some content before it disappears up it's own Old High Street... Straying a bit from the topic here, but VERY pleased to have not been in Chambers when someone DONE A POO IN THE URINAL. How grim is that? Got a phone call from Clare's other bro saying he was in there and we'll never guess what's happened. Normally it's nicer than that.

Apart from the eating and drinking we had a look around some hotels, and did some painting. The Hotel Relish was every bit as smart as I thought it'd be from what I've heard and I will recommend it to visiting wedding guests... I say we did some painting, but all we really managed to do was cover the floor with dust sheets and do one wall of white undercoat. It's going to be a bigger job than we thought, so I've managed to talk Clare out of starting the next room until this is all finished.

Unfortunately we weren't snowed in, and we didn't win the lottery, so we were back into work on the early train this morning. Bit too early technically, as the trains were delayed so while we got the train at the normal time, it was the earlier service, which our tickets weren't valid on. Are you still with me? We didn't get grabbed and made to buy new tickets, and we were in work normal time. Well, I was in work, Clare has another day off. I did have a slight issue with my ticket not going through the barrier, but no idea what that was. The inspector said I was just out of date, but it was a five day Network Awaybreak bought on Friday, so I think I was OK, pointed this out, and he let me through... when we have season tickets we'll have none of these worries. We'll each be 350 quid a month worse of, BUT we'll always have the right ticket.

650 emails waiting for me today, that's after 2000 have been filtered out as spam. Even my Gmail account has quite a few, so a morning of catching up is in order. I am The IT Department today though, as regular IT guy is on holiday. If this necessitates anything more than changing the backup tape, I'll be putting in for time and a half though...

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