Blog2006 ≫ Radio drama

Here's that radio drama I mentioned last week, it's a 7meg download (no it's not, long deleted). It's rubbish, but if you're subscribed to here via the medium of RSS, you might get it downloaded automatically podcast stylee.

I'm still having trouble getting this working on various devices, we can't get unauthorised content on the PSP using, and as promising as it looked for the IPAQ, it did not once download the BBC Breakfast breakfast takeaway podcast thing. Ah, could be because that link on the BBC page is wrong. Tis works, but they have an error in their XSL1 that stops it appearing correctly, tsk. Why did I not get that XML / XSL job at the BBC again? At least now I might give Egress another go, it was downloading images OK from my own feed, and the daily Dilbert attachments.

I should try itunes again, it always hangs when I try to register an account though...

UPDATE: the correct BBC XML link is working again.

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