Blog2010 ≫ How to install Refinery CMS on Heroku

Get me and all this modern technology

It's like I'm speaking a different language these days, suppose I am a bit. I found this very helpful1, after I'd already got things working. Picking through the Refinery CMS Google Group I'm finding out how to do things, just all in the wrong order. Refinery CMS2 is a content management system (a very quick start website) and Heroku3 is a rails hosting service, rails is a web application framework. By using Refinery I'm sitting about two layers above all the actual work, it's strange.

Did lots of decorating at the weekend, mostly done the hallway now and the bathroom, still some bits of touching up to do. Got a couple of spots where something is reacting to the paint and making it peel off, bah. Not too bad though.

Still not quite got my home camera set up right, it is emailing me updates when we walk in front of it though. Clare's mum had her bag stolen in Nando in Canterbury yesterday, they have security footage of it, but it is fuzzy and useless. Nice one, all security camera footage seems to be unusable to me.

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