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⬆️Stoke Newington car crash

the car crash I mentioned1

Well that's the smashed car I mentioned, the number plates have been ripped off it, maybe a case of stolen car identity like I read about yesterday in The Times2... can't find the article online though, and if I could, you'd have to be a subscriber to read it.

Have added my site to, a site I found via, turns out it's made by Cal3, who also did some work for popbitch4, small world... I like the idea of the map, adding a real geographical link to your place on the web. TFL are pretty strict about copyright abuse though, wondering how long that map will stay there... with all the links there, I'd have thought someone could make a nice new map, better. Though most of the stuff I've seen there, relies on riping off other images too, albeit for great effect.

Don't think I've typed the word albeit5 before...

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