Blog2010 ≫ The Seagull is CLOSED!

Just for a refurb I think.

I used to work in this pub, it's at the bottom of Mum and Dad's road, and now it's closed! Just a refurb by the looks rather than an actual victim of anti pub culture. It is way too big to be just a pub though, I don't suppose the area can really support it. Looks like it's going to reopen as a Hungry Horse1, a chain I've not heard of.

At every Hungry Horse Pub you'll find a warm welcome from our friendly staff. Our pubs are known for high quality, big value food, a choice of beers, ales and drinks to suit all tastes, plus there is always something taking place such as our popular quiz nights. In fact a Hungry Horse pub restaurant is everything you want from your local with prices you won't believe! So bring your family and friends there's one near you.

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