Blog2009 ≫ Lunches for the week all made!

Productive! If I had shoes, they would be shined ready for work tomorrow...

Weekend nearly over, but jobs are done, the boy is bathed and about to go to bed (Clare's doing the last top up feed), dinner is in and so are my lunches for the week of sausages or vegeburger, peas and potatoes*. So we're about ready to eat and relax for the evening.

Good weekend, Canterbury yesterday, Wagamama and Karl's, double supermarket shopping today. Bit too much Strictly Come Dancing maybe. Been looking at some old photos, seeing how much the boy looks like a baby me, will scan these pictures in soon I think.

Also been wasting a bit of time on my javascript on this site, I used to have popup ajax selector type things. I broke them all in a recent javascript purge, so today I put them right, using jquery.autocomplete.js1 instead of reinventing the wheel. Actually I had already reinvented the wheel, or maybe the guy who wrote jquery.autocomplete.js1 reinvented my wheel and actually made it round. It's the code you see when you add an event on Folkestone Gerald and so on to pick a venue. Of no interest to any of you...

js: Programming language of the web, mostly how I earn a wage.

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