Blog2018 ≫ I was supposed to be at Chambers for dinner tonight

I was supposed to be having dinner with work, welcoming a new starter in our team, which means a) free food b) booze in the week c) a long walk to and from town so I will ace the work week hustle... but it's just been cancelled, not sure why. They will rearrange it for next week when it won't be convenient for me. Only Wednesdays really work for these sort of things as Monday is arrabbiata and I don't want to miss that. Tuesday and Thursdays are swimming, I do want to miss that but can't really until these boys have learned a few safety skills. Friday is then pub anyway, don't want to trade in my Inn Doors session even for Chambers.

I only had a brief walk at lunch because I thought I was getting the walk to and from town and now that is thrown out of the window. Also I have no food in for tea! Maybe we'll go to Follies as it is 5 pizza night.

I am working from home today, just posting here while I wait for other people to turn up to a meeting that seems to have been delayed, and that I am "dialling in" to. It's a bit of a spontaneous wfh as I realised last night that I am on the bus this week but needed to take the boys to school before work, and the bus times don't work out. On the bus because the beetle is in at Volksfarmers. Initially for a service, just a bit of TLC as I had been paid, but then of course they found the exhaust needs replacing.

This meeting was supposed to start at 15:30 and it's 16:20 now and I JUST heard they are setting up now and will call me in a few minutes.

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