Blog2010 ≫ Moving day

Knackered today though, disturbed sleep for a few nights...

Moving day went well yesterday. Not really a great deal for me to do, so spent the morning at home. Tried to go to lunch at Chambers but it was shut, so we ended up in Papa's fish and chips, clearly not as good but OK. Took some pictures of Clare in what was her old bedroom, and The boy too. Everyone sad to leave the old house, I think they'll be sadder in a few months when they go down Bouverie Road West and see the house has been demolished and a new mini estate built on the plot.

I did my jobs at the new house, just about. Wired in the washing machine, necessitating a trip to Home Base for a new plug, and connected up all the surround sounds and things. Failed in putting the feet on the new sofas. This is a job that would normally have been done by the guys who delivered the sofas, ours were, but these were delivered too early. They were ordered when the in-laws thought they were moving before, and so have been in storage, still in their wrappers, without their feet on. Could not find enough holes to put the feet bolt in, so just took them all off.

To save the cat the stress of moving, we took him from the old house to our flat for the day. Shut all the doors and left him the kitchen and hallway to run around in while we got the new house ready. Came back to get him and found a mystery worthy of Jonathan Creek! No cat to be seen, all the doors locked, not hiding in his litter tray or bed, no windows open, just no cat anywhere... Brought mother-in-law back to the flat to try and magic him out of thin air, there was much concern at the catlessness of the place. Had he snuck out behind me unnoticed when I thought I'd left him in the flat? Eventually he started mewing at the rattled biscuit box, seems he had crawled through a mouse sized hole in the skirting boards under the kitchen units and got stuck. Took the skirting boards off and got him out, a happy ending.

One lesson learned, better to just get rid of anything you think you might not want before moving. A lot of things were moved from one house to the next, only to be put straight in the garage or loft and then ultimately to the tip I think. Not sure we have many big things to get rid of but I might start now. Does anyone want a big old telly?

Had a disappointment today, we are off to Dublin soon. Clare booked the flights as a christmas present and we were staying in someone's (empty) flat in the centre of town. Just told today we have been double booked, so we have to find a last minute hotel, bah. Will still be a good trip, just a bit costlier. We will spend the money that I saved today by not getting KISS tickets...

Back at work again today, right back into it, quite busy. The boy has woken at 5am the last three days, so I'm a bit more tired than I might be.

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