Blog2010 ≫ Christmas sickness

George has swine flu. Oink!

Neither Clare, the boy, or I have been ill over christmas, but there was A LOT of it about just before christmas, especially at work. Then over christmas, several people did not turn up at Kerry's either because they were ill, or, more likely, they had found out that George (nephew) had a confirmed case of swine flu. Great! It was only diagnosed over the phone, I think it was more likely some early teen lazyitis myself. Mum was also quite ill on the day. Don't really mind if I get a dose of it, but hopefully the boy will stay healthy. He is a little bit sniffly right now and he did wake a couple of times in the night, which is not like him. Most likely it was just the disturbed routine though.

Off to Dom and Jen's for another christmas feast now. Original plan was to put the boy down to sleep there, and then wake him up and bring him home in a taxi when we leave, but I don't have the heart to disturb him any more, so have decided I will leave early and put him to bed as normal. Clare and everyone else will carry on until the small hours. Clare's lie in tomorrow, the boy and I will get up and go out somewhere. Screwfix or somewhere exciting like that probably.

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