Blog2004 ≫ London Buses

Carnage on good old route 106 today apparently, I'm up early finding out for Clare why there are no 106's, and why the 73 and 476 is coming down Manor Road but refusing to stop, there's nothing on TFL's site at all1.

So, I didn't make it to Folkestone as planned at all then. Went for a mate's birthday drinks at The Garden Gate, Hampstead2, which was very nice, realised I'd missed the train I was aiming for, then the tubes closed for some reason, so home it was. Today I'm probably going to break the computer by trying to fit a new hard drive, heading out ot Mayfair on a shoppign errand, and fitting in as many house and cookery programmes as I can while the good lady is at work. If she ever gets there...

💬 Trouble on Stoke Newington High Street

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