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Richard Herring, Stewart Lee, Andrew Collins, all the people I like doing previews I can't go to

Some stuff fromWe Got Comedy, part of about Edinburgh festival previews. I can't make any money off these, just passing them on as they're interesting, and even though I can't go I can think about going and if you go you can tell me how good it was. I already sent you MJ Hibbett1's details, you should see him too. Not listing all the shows We Got Tickets just sent out, only those I wish I was going to...

Comedy legend Stewart Lee returns to the 2010 Fringe with a new show previewing material for the next season of "Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle" (BBC2). Entitled "Vegetable Stew", you can catch him previewing his preview material (does that make sense!) at one of these venues:

London The Old Kings Head on Thursday 15th July tickets/info: London The Boat Show on Monday 19th July tickets/info: London The Compass on Tuesday 20th July tickets/info:

Mark Watson:

It's been a truly amazing 12 months for Mark, who's a multi-award winning stand- up and star of the BBC's "We Need Answers", "Mock The Week", "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" and Radio 4. We're sad to say he won't be performing his now legendary 24 hour gig this year but you can catch a sneak peak of his new show "Do I know you?" here:

Middlesex Hampton Hill Playhouse on Sunday 25th July tickets/info: Kingston Upon Thames The Fighting Cocks on Monday 26th July tickets/info:

Andrew Collins:

Northampton's very own Andrew Collins - the woolly, liberal half of Collings & Herrin with Richard Herring and author of bestselling Northampton memoir "Where Did It All Go Right?" - makes his hometown stand-up debut with a full preview of his first solo Edinburgh Fringe show. A genial ramble from A to B, in which he reveals his three burning ambitions, decodes Masterchef, apologises for living in Surrey for three years, attempts to solve the great Plax Mouthwash mystery and helps to weed out both terrorists and serial killers in the audience, the show revolves around a full demonstration of Secret Dancing; the art of dancing on public transport without anybody noticing.

Northampton The Nook Cafe on Saturday 24th July tickets/info:

Jon Richardson:

Last year's Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and Have I Got News For You panelist presents a brand new hour of stand-up. Working on new material and perfecting his jokes over the next month we were told that he's so good he actually bends time! See Jon at one of these dates:

Leicester Firebug on Thursday 15th July tickets/info: London Belushi's London Bridge on Tuesday 20th July tickets/info:

Also As It Occurs To Me is at The Assembly Rooms2 on 17th August, Collings and Herrin are at GRV, Guthrie Street3 from 11th-15th August and 18th-22nd August, How Not To Grow Up is at Word Power Books, West Nicolson Street4 on 23rd August, and then Richard Herring's Christ on a Bike5 returns to the Assembly Rooms6 from 5th to 30th August. Man alive there's a lot going on.

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