Blog2010 ≫ Puzzles du jour

Getting some email alerts when things that I have written go wrong at work... not my fault, I don't think, but why are so many people using pages like this one1 to then search for rail travel from (say) Luton airport TO Luton airport? No, we can't sell you a (super bargain, cut price, recommended) train ticket unless you give us another station too, and I know when you came here from google you were searching for an actual station like say Folkestone Central so why is it going wrong..?

Also why are these people @ messaging me on twitter? OK @wolfmank probably just mistyped, but @iheartebun just keeps doing it even though I've told them I have no clue who they are. They don't seem to have any twitter buddies with a name like mine either, so what is going on?

wolfmank Suddenly a spectator on my own show. And its cool. Oh amd @pauly just whipped out an iPad in my presence drool.....

iheartebun @pauly.. dpt lng mgng neutral ka.. tsk.. ツ dko pptulan pango mung ex.. hey! i saw ur ex gf sa school ntin dti.. ツ bait ng bf nun!

iheartebun ツ @pauly yan kc mgGGF knlng pango pa..dagdag pa yung ugaling trash..pero nfflatter ako sa mga cnbi nia dti skin.. ツ insecure.. ツ yaw tumigil

iheartebun ツ @pauly watta good decision u've made dpt mtuwa ako?.. lam mu pa tama.. goodboy! bawi lakers! rawr ebun na celtics.. kafagod..

iheartebun talking trash ka girl! ツ bad! @pauly kala mu mdli umiwas sau neh halos 5 house lng layo mu sa house nmn.. patawa ka khaye!

iheartebun facebook! morning..awtz..brunch na khaye.. @pauly ツ yea.. so true.. lol.. first love never die? yay! haha..lets see kauwi muh..

Also why have I wasted most of my lunch hour complaining about this?

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