Blog2010 ≫ What did they move the station for?

Had to RUN for my train, I'm sure Westenhanger has got further away

Started the next stage of being a bit healthier today, a concerted effort to get the train all week. I trained in two days last week, but then got lifts home. This week I'm going for the whole week so I get a nice little walk to and from the station at either end. I only have something like nine minutes to pack up my work things at the end of the day and get to the station, so the train was pulling in to the platform before I was even on the station approach. I have to run up and over the bridge, then down the steps against the flow of reak commuters. Luckily the guard saw me and I think held the last door for a few extra seconds, but I really did have to dive through the closing doors like Indiana Jones.

I have a work video to post, but I can't find the link right now, hopefully someone will have twittered it at me by the time I finish writing this. It's a viral see, that means they tell me to look at it and I tell you to look at it.

UPDATE: Here it is:

This video1 was also made by work, some time in the '80s by the looks of it. That is not the new viral, nor is it our TV ad, which aired for the first time today.

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