Blog2005 ≫ Make Magazine

Make is available from Amazon, well fancy that! Priced more like a book than an issue of a magazine though, even with that discount... this is something to do with Philip Torrone, of I'm sure. It's a mag aimed at those who want to tinker with technology. Probably it will be bought by people like me too, who like the idea but have yet to get their hands dirty.

Two hours and five minutes into work today, Folkestone door to office door, not bad.. Got told my ticket wasn't valid on the 8.20, guard reckons you're not allowed on the train until after 10am. He didn't do anything about it, but then it wouldn't go through the barrier this end, but that guard let me through too... confusing... Perhaps this idea that as long as your train doesn't get into London until after 10am you're OK is right?

Good weekend, lots of walking and watching the telly, and quite a lot of eating too. Took a few pictures too which must wait until I get home.

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