Blog2004 ≫ Wedding venues in Kent

Following a link from the London By London mailout about civil wedding ceremonies, I have found a list of approved venues in Kent1... not sure who they're approved by, the list is shorter than I thought! We might start looking this weekend, to give us an idea of how booked up they'll be, and what sort of timescale we're looking at, we were guessing at least eighteen months.

Not particularly pleased to be back at work, wish I was still in Folkestone faffing about in the flat and eating out, but these things have to be paid for, and quickly if mortgage rates are doubled as has been suggested2... Hmm, whenever I search for a story I've read in the paper, it's always the Scottish papers' websites that are most up to date.

Got a few bits of domestic admin to sort out this week, had a pile of mail in the flat, including two notices about cutting off the water supply as the flat is empty. They don't seem to have done it yet, but I need to apply for an account, and pay about 200 quid of water rates for the year up front. Also got to sort out the council tax, I am not sure what sort of discount I can get, hopefully one for single occupancy or one for a second home, otherwise it's a bit steep paying twice. Still no idea who's providing the leccy and the gas, but the electric at least still seems to be connected. Do I just wait for a bill or what?

I had one bit of mail that was addressed to a dance school at the flat - no wonder the people downstairs are concerned about the noise if there's been tap classes going on there...

💬 *tsk*

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