Blog2006 ≫ School's out for, ooh, a long time now

Going through some old photos now I have a scanner, here's my infant school lineup:

Portchester Northern Infants School class of 1977?

Google have released a web version of Picasa1, their photo organising thing, some competition for, maybe I won't renew my Flickr account just yet, I'd like to "own" all the tagging etc myself, but in a useful and open way, needs more investigating... I will work soon on putting my links of the day on here automatically too, so you can see what I'm checking out...

No sleep on the train today, people talking all the way in, but I don't feel too bad for it.

Got some serious organising to do the next couple of days regarding travel and that. I can leave the office at 3pm on Thursday for the football, that will be a bit of a sprint to get to Charing Cross for the 15.23 train, so no wearing flip-flops that day. 15.53 is the next option which will not get me home until 25 minutes after the start - there's no quicker train than that by going from Cannon Street and changing either, boo! Also there are rail strikes coming up, the first one will involve two days of being unable to get between Folkestone and London, don't know how work will take that...

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