Blog2018 ≫ Bonus exercise today

Got to school this morning, forgot a swimming kit. So I had to run home, get kit, run back to school, run home again. Got it all done before school gate closed and was back for normal work time.

Car not been looked at still "maybe tomorrow morning", hope so.

Clare away tonight at Eastwell Manor with a friend, spending the vouchers she got for her birthday. So I should have gone for a run this morning as I will struggle even to get a full day's step count in. I will take both boys swimming, not really much more walking involved there though. At least swimming is going really well.

Bit hectic with work, but all good.

Hmm someone wants to buy my twitter handle off me. Actually they want me to give it to them as I don't appear to be using it but they could pay "a small amount". A large amount or on your bike mate.

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