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SO, no time to watch LOST at all last night! River Cottage, Jamie Oliver and Grand Designs1 all had new series, and all are faves of mine... Well, they said it was a new series of River Cottage, actually it was just a rehashing of previous series, what a rip off. It's not just the first episode that is flashing back either, in their preview of next week's show there were bits I recognise. I love that show, but Mr Fearnly-Whittingstall does seem to be the master of the cash in... "Here's how I live the simple life... by getting channel four to pay for every step along the way and then grab you the fan by the ankles and shake you for every penny via my website2". Nice one Hugh!

Jamie Oliver is another one who SAYS he wants to get away from it all and get some quality time to himself, BUT again he's taking a TV crew with him, it's incredibly fake. Also seems a bit rum including his family in every show he does and then complaining about press intrusion with the next breath. HOWEVER, I really like him, and I really enjoyed this show. The cockney-geezerishness is still grating, but he seems to be getting more honest. Where he might have said "wahey, this is me old van, in't it bonkers, i just drives around in it", he made it fairly clear that it's an expensive toy and he's had it extensively restored... looking at the engine, it's a bit of a posh job, that big shiny fan was out of a Porsche I think.

Grand Designs1 was genuinely new, and genuinely good, though the same old plot and the same old mishaps... drastically under budgetted, workman letting them down etc. It's not often I'd have many sympathies with people who have a bumload of cash, enough to build their own homes, but yesterday's old lady was so sweet! She was ripped off at every turn by everyone, but still stayed philosophical about things. It's not worth being eaten up by these things, especially at her time of life, and she did get a lovely house3 out of it. As the credits rolled, I was dreading seeing a little "dedicated to the memory of... 1928 - 2005", I had a terrible fear that with all the trials of the project the old lady wasn't going to make it.

I finished putting together our tallboy, and it's looking great. Full of Clare's things already of course, I am allowed the box it came in to store my own clothes though... No, that is a lie, we are sharing like a good married couple. Tonight I will do the wardrobe, which I think / hope will be a bit simpler, even though it's much bigger.

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