Blog2005 ≫ Progress

Got the scaffolder booked so as to make some progress on the new fireplace in the flat... might be all done in a few weeks, NICE! How's this for the gayest advert ever1 though? The scaffolding is sure to piss of our neighbours, if by any chance any of you are reading this SORRY, but it'll be back down again as soon as possible. Isn't scaffolding and other signs of refurbishment meant to be a good sign in a street anyway? There are skips galore down our road (in Folkestone) right now.

Lots of work today, getting more repetive tasks out of the way, converting spreadsheets and managing magazine subscribers etc... Also working on a process for taking a news feed from another website, good old RSS...

Staying in London this weekend, going to Il Bacio tonight...

💬 well i hope

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