Blog2003 ≫ Barfly listings

More work for Barfly today, preparing the listings so they work as well in a multi-roomed venue like Liverpool as in a regular venue like Glasgow has been harder than expected... The listings have to be none-more-flexible, but also clear, think I've got it now...

It's sad, the two girls who've been working (for free) on the Passport project are leaving at the end of the week. I'm sure their replacement will also be nice, but it's always a shame when an office is disrupted like this. They're both back to finish their studies (at LIPA1).

Just noticed some search requests coming in for converting excel to unix and spicy lentil soup, that's good, it's content I really do have (unlike keira bloody knightly)... maybe it's time I put up some more recipes...

💬 Barfly Glasgow

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