Blog2003 ≫ Squirrel vs Magpie

Just about got the sites back up by the end of yesterday, this has unfortunately meant rushing through the new design barfly (see it here), which doesn't quite work, which has led to a lot of complaints, ah well, needs must or something. This will also mean rushing through the new admin system, which will mean a lot of support calls I suspect.

Went to On The Rocks last night, very good, not very London though, it is like a midweek provincial rock club. Two bands were on Renegade Playboys who were a bit posh, but still 4-real, and sounded a bit like the Spin Doctors, if that's not damning them. Second band Tokyo Dragons were better. It was all a bit funny, but good to see, there is not enough earnest rock any more in the mainstream any more. With the rush of the site fixes yesterday, I didn't have time to mention Turbonegro, I am so glad I went, they were ace. Very odd crowd though, big and un-pop, like all crowds were in the late 80's / early 90's before indie and pop merged and girls started going to gigs again.

Saw a squirrel squaring up to a Magpie as I was bussing past Clissold Park this morning. It's all still sealed off with tape, and there are police guards at each entrance, it's weird to think that the police are convinced it's someone local.

Have got some house details, and we're sending our little helper to look at them ASAP, one of them has a Charles Dickens blue plaque, and another has a sea view, all are big enough for a pool table too... inevitably I'm starting to look towards the upper limits of my budget. In other house news, there's been another objection to the planning permission on the bungalow.

Last point, got a weird spam just now, will post the full contents as a response to this to save space... I think it must be someone's idea to be sent paper from overseas, maybe for recycling, possibly it has a significant value... could be a nice little earner!

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