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Just browsing to see if anyone's mentioned the David Devant gig at the 100 Club (and they haven't), but I see this top ten of their tracks most listened, by users of Who have installed the software, that monitors what you're listening to. It's not a chart of goodness, but no charts are. It's not even close to their tracks that I listen to most (which would be the only true chart of goodness), but since the computer died and all my data went with it that is possibly lost. Here's my (woefully inaccurate) analysis anyway:

That's just the band listed by number of plugged in listeners, not number of plays of their tracks over a period, which actually is available here. That can be skewed by one person playing a track on repeat, and I think that happens a lot with crazy fans of a band. Or is it just me that's thought about putting something I like on and going out, just to get the count up on

Might revisit this later, I really love this band and I don't give them enough time these days.

Whole lot of David Devant on youtube, including all their appearances on the near-mythical never repeated Asylum (starring Simon Pegg, Julian Barratt, etc). devant.info2 for all your other Devant needs, and Mikey / Vessel's solo stuff is here.

See you at the 100 Club I hope. Here's my favourite of the singles:

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