Blog2003 ≫ Belle and Sebastian tickets

Lets see if I can do the same trick I've done with The Darkness, by reposting all Belle and Sebastian dates up here as they go on sale...

More tickets on my Belle and Sebastian tickets page...

Bit stumped for what to do now I have got that monster job for Barfly out of the way - will tidy up the loose ends and have it live by the end of the week. Got reviews to write, have received another copy of the stellastar album, which is fantastically fortuitous, as I gave the last one away. Also got the Belle and Sebastian album "Dear Catastrophe Waitress", a live CD from Jim Bob from Carter, with a HAND WRITTEN NOTE from the man himself, and an album from the Non Prophets, what I have never heard of. Not bad booty, it has cleared up my hangover, ARRR!

Done more Barfly development today too, spent time speccing out an email solution, and plotting reusing the Barfly calendar system for artist management. Thrilling.

💬 More Belle and Sebastian Tickets

💬 Belle and Sebastian Tickets

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