Blog2009 ≫ Ooh dicky tum today

There I was earlier this week bragging about how I never ever get ill, and I am possibly super human and almost certainly immortal, and here I am today suffering with a bit of a stomach bug :-( Clare had it earlier this week, and now she's passed it on, dipping her dirty fingers in my dinner when I'm not looking, and licking all the chocolates and biscuits I have been enjoying this week.

Spoke to mortgage advisor, with our deposit and things we can still borrow the same amount of money we were talking about before so the house plans are looking fine. We're off to see this place on Saturday, doesn't it look ace?


Probably some tricky photography though, and a bit small, and not an ideal location, but I love the idea of a character property like this... Might be a bit too spidery for Clare though.

Maybe it's alcohol withdrawal actually, this is TWO WEEKS now without a drink, this must be some sort of record, in recent years anyway. I think two years ago I set myself a target of not drinking again until I got a new job, and then I got this job where I am now some time in January. Ah, checked old emails, I held out until the 22nd of January that time. Off to Germany with work on Monday, so I'm not sure it will survive that. In fact, I think I'd better get back on the booze this weekend as practice. Don't want to have one sip of German ale and fall over or anything.

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