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⬆️Folkestone weekender

I picked up a magazine called The Quarter1, which is a kind of fanzine for the creative community of the area. No, me either, but then I clearly don't know the place at all.. Anyway, it's articles and listings and that promoting a sense of artistic wellbeing around what they're calling the creative quarter of Folkestone, the Old High Street. When we've been there before2 it was particularly shifty pubs3 and dodgy shops, but now by all accounts it is much improved. The magazine is produced from an address on the Old High Street, so it could be that someone's bought a property there and is doing their best to look after the value of their investment, but they're putting a lot of work into it anyway. The mag is a bit more arts based than I would generally be interested in, but good on them. Also while it may be twice as thick as my own sadly missed SOLD OUT, it's print run is only a fifth, at 1000 copies per month. I'll be keeping an eye and may even subscribe by sending a cheque for twelve pounds payable to The Quarter to 45 The Old High St, Folkestone, CT20 1RN4.

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